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CEA: Artists confirm their participation
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CEA: Artists confirm their participation

As preparations continue ahead of the maiden edition of the Cameroon Entertainment Awards (CEA)
slated for July this year, a number of popular Cameroonian and foreign artists have confirmed their presence and active participation at the event. Gorgeously clad in Cameroonian outfits made by Cameroonian designers, these artists and others, yet to be named, will be plying the CEA red carpet to give the event the colour it deserves.

Cameroonian musicians

  • Talla Andrea Marie
  • Emile Kange
  • Luxland
  • Myra Maimoh
  • Naomie Achu
  • Sam Ebako

Foreign musicians

  • Michelle Hakizimana (Washington-based Burundian gospel singer)
  • K-Jean (New York-based Congolese gospel singer)
  • Patience Ibembo (Ivory Coast-based former dancer of Koffi Olimide)
  • DTM (New York-based Guinean singer)

Cameroonian movie stars

  • Taka Tanni
  • Trina Takoh
  • Okawa Shanzay
  • Elian Mambo
  • Abraham Takoh

On another lane, all three honorees for humanitarian works have confirmed they will be part of the event. They include Angelle Kwemo, personal adviser to Boby Rush, US Congressman. Kwemo’s confirmation seals the deal to have US Congress staffers endorse the event taking place on America soil. In the same light, CEA will be welcoming Kinge Monono Nganje and Dr David Makongo to the event.

Meantime, nominees of the CEA will be issued tickets based on the confirmation of their presence at the prize award ceremony. A subsequent press release will have more information on that.

On the sidelines

  • Ghanaian movie star John Dumelo has been showing enormous interest in the Cameroonian event by rallying voters in the Pan-African category.
  • Senegalese singer Vivian Ndour thinks by organizing CEA, Cameroon has gone a hundred steps ahead. She says she is not only canvassing for votes for herself, but is rallying her fans to support the CEA initiative.
  • Tickets to the event are leaving sales agents faster than expected with potential guests not wanting to wait any more. So, get yours now!
About CEA

The CEA was founded to recognize Cameroonians who make frantic efforts to sell the country’s image through entertainment. It was founded on the premise that the entertainment industry in Cameroon must get on the world stage. It is a non-profit organization with the mission to involve the participation of the entire community. While celebrating the achievements of our entertainers, CEA seeks to find ways to improve the communities from which these entertainers and celebrities originate. Artists will be recognized from categories such as music, film, fashion designing, and other forms of entertainment.

Celebrations of the maiden edition are billed for July 27, 28 and 29, 2012 in Washington DC, USA. The prize-giving phase of the event will take place at the Cramton Auditorium of the Howard University, starting 6pm.

You are all invited to join us in celebrating Cameroon’s rich cultural heritage!

Executive Producers

Maybelle Boma

New York (USA) - 917-371-3559  

Anne Etape

Maryland (USA) - 301-547-1430                      

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