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Master Piece: Zintgraff story shot for TV
Efeti Moka / Sunday, 19 February 2012 23:23

zink5Cinema makes more meaning to a nation when stories from its history are told. Good enough, Cameroon’s history is so characteristic of dramatic happenings that viewers would naturally love to have it translated into film and beamed on national television. One of such episodes in Cameroon’s rich history is the battle of Mankon fought in the colonial days of Zintgraff, the German explorer. The people of Mankon and the Balis in the North West region would know this episode better.

The said fierce battle turned out to be one of the most spectacular scenes in the country’s colonial history, at least in Cameroon, west of the Mungo. It has no doubt enjoyed more attention in academic circles than others. Perhaps that explains why this story has become so familiar with stage at secondary schools and universities. That the story will soon go beyond a drama stage into film is good news to fans of Cameroonian movies.

Zintgraff and the Battle of Mankon has just been shot and is being edited into a series of something like 300 episodes by director Musing Derick. It’s trailer has been running on TV for a couple of weeks now, causing anxiously waiting fans to begin to salivate for the home-made telefilm. “I feel like Zintgraff and the Battle of Mankon is going to be a major breakthrough in Cameroonian cinema. We took our time to do the job, braving the odds in a bid to get the best in terms of quality,” director Musing told this reporter as he wrapped up editing in a Yaounde suite. “We are almost through with the product and proud of its quality,” he added.

The story might not be new to many, but its beautifully-crafted adaptation into cinema makes the Zintgraff story a must-watch piece. This is thanks to the touch of professionalism given it by an extra-ordinarily dedicated crew and cast of young but mature boys and girls. One of them is Bamenda-based artist Bobo Leennox whose make-up aptitude in the production is going to make Zintgraff and the Battle of Mankon another captivating telefilm viewers would hate to miss.

Shot mostly on natural locations in Bamenda, Zintgraff and the Battle of Mankon that regurgitates the 1880 tale features a good number of renowned English-speaking Cameroonian actors including Vugah Samson, Lynno Lovert, Kome Epule, Yengo Yvonne, Neba Godlove and Tati Charles.

This epic film comes after three other telefilms produced by Godwin Nganah,s (CEO) Premier Films for CRTV. In 2006, the Yaounde-based production company did Trials of Passion II, screened on national television, followed by My Successor and Audacity of Love (in 2009 and 2010 respectively) directed by Asaba Ferdinand aka Penda.

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0 #2 cyril fonyonga fonjo 2012-03-13 13:46
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0 #1 KINI WOLFGANG 2012-03-02 16:42
I am very , very , very impress with the step that you people are really doing to remove our country from this coerce of insult. I am talking to you because a love of Cameroon talents , am a writer , a musician and a local director in our club . please i want to be in contact with you people so that we can bring this things out. you don't know how i have been praying for this and for the movie i like everything in it not to exaggeration on the costume. Please i really want to be in contact with you people, i have write and i have the story still booming up.. please let me inn because i know i have. CONTACT 70286412 or 97546387


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