Princess Bridget : Debut Album Released! Print
Titus Banyoh / Monday, 15 June 2015 20:07

PRINCESS  tiptopstarsExperience is the best teacher, so goes the saying and if Princess Bridget is proud of her first music album it is because she actually gained stage and musical experience over the years. Starting off as a dancer during her childhood days and as is the case with most artists , singing accompanied this dancing talent of hers. She was yet to come to the limelight and until 2009 Princess Bridget was yet to transform her singing and dancing talents into something more serious. In 2009 Princess Bridget then started performing as opening act at the concerts of some popular artists like Longue Longue known for his famous song ‘’ Ayo Africa’’ and other big names on whose concerts Princess has featured as the opening artist include , Iyanya , the famous Nigerian star,Singuila the French artist with central African and Congolese decent, Coco Argentee , Mani Bella and Lady Ponce all powerful Bikutsi queens .This hobnob with such big names gave her the courage to start writing songs that have today been transformed into a five-track album entitled ‘’Massée’’ her debut album in the music world. ‘’ The word Massée means joy in Bassa which is my dialect.’’ Princess explained to Tiptopstars. The album is a mélange of afro beat and the zouk genres of music with the lyrics targeting every community , age group and race.

Lovers of music in the Benelux region as well as France would definitely remember Princess Bridget for her famous single Je l’aime and whenever she took the stage with this song not even doubting Thomases would stop from admiring her swing and dexterity in the thing she masters so well, that is stage performance. ‘’ I like her sense of humour , her song and her movements while on stage’’ a fan of Princess Bridget said. In an interview with Belgium based Batimu FM, Prince Bridget explained that she concentrates much on Zouk music because she is a lover and this music genre actually generates a feeling of love.

The Cameroonian singer and songwriter based in The Netherlands sings in French, English and Bassa one of the numerous dialects in the Republic of Cameroon. Her five-track album is already selling like hot cake in Belgium and the environs of the Benelux region of Europe. For sure it is an enjoyable album and Princess Bridget herself in order to guarantee that her fans in the Benelux region are satisfied does distribution herself. Follow her on Facebook, Princes Bridget and place an order for your own copy !