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tina2Based in her native Cameroon, 21- year- old Tiana Gasha shows signs of turning into one of the countryís leading singers, at least in the Afro Acoustic genre, in the nearest future. The young university student is blessed with a voice that makes meaning in professional music and she is up to explore this divine gift to the fullest. The tracks in her debut package easily prick oneís music taste glands. However, the biggest news about this singer is that Tina is the author of the sound track in Yefon, one of the most renowned Cameroonian film projects in 2012. TIPTOPSTARSí Marcel A. joined Tina on a chat. From Cameroon, the talented artist unveiled what lies behind her talent and her involvement in the Yefon project. Excerpts!

Marcel A. (MA): Hi Tiana, welcome to TIPTOPSTARS. Tell us a bit about yourself

Tina Gescha (TG): Iím the first child in a very large family. Then, youíll have to meet me in person to figure out the rest..hahaha. I was born in music and I grew up loving it right in my bone.

MA: When did you first discover that your voice was that special talent you had?

TG: Well, I kind of always knew I could sing, but did not know I had a particular kind of voice until I got to a studio

MA:Do you play any musical instrument?
TG: Not yet, but eventually I will be doing so.
MA: We have been able to listen to some of your debut tracks such as You n Me and That Boy and we must say they are striking. What inspired you to this genre?
TG: Though I love loud music, I also admire what is soothing and clear to listen. The best things are said whispering. So I decided to go in for Afro Acoustic which ties in with this quote.
MA: Are there any specific themes you exploit in your songs?
TG: You should have noticed that I duel on life, love, and relationships in general.
MA: How much creative control do you have over your music? Tell us about the song writing process
TG: When a tune pops up in my head, I start humming it immediately, then I record and store it. I later find a topic which matches with the tune, then go ahead and write. Sometimes, it takes a month to go through this. When Iím ready for recording, my beats master, DJ Pazzo does the fixing and off we go.
MA: We also learnt you wrote the sound track for an up-coming feature film. Tell us more about your commitments with the movies.
TG: The said movie is the much-talked about Yefon by Sandra Fondufe. It was awesome and I love the fact that I did the sound track for that movie. Itís already been used for the promos and interviews and Iím glad about that. Working with the film industry is something I cherish so much.
MA: You are presently in studio recording new tracks. Can you tell us more about that?
TG: Well, Iíve tried to diversify a bit, not totally leaving my genre but Iím doing a swing song and a few song people will move to. You shall find out the rest later, I donít want to let the cat out of the bag.

MA: You are as well a student in the university Ė how do your bridge the gap between studies and the pursuit of your musical career?
TG: I try, but honestly, if you asked me to suspend one, I would happily suspend the Law I read at the university. However, with good planning and focus, anybody would juggle three careers, but Iím not saying thatís where I belong ..hahahaha!
MA: How do you fund your music, do you currently have an agent, endorsement, record label, sponsor etc.?
TG: Nope! nope!, nope! none of them. I just happened to find myself in a family that loves music, so I get some reasonable support.
MA: If you are presently signed to a label what has been your impression so far about your studio, the Cameroon music industry and collaboration with other artist.
TG: Ok so far, my studio Scratch Records is super good. The guys are super talented dudes and great hearts. Cameroon has got talent, but we will go nowhere if we keep shutting them down. We have to be more united than disunited to be able to make it big.
MA: When are we expecting your first video?
TG: By God`s grace pretty soon.
MA: Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years?
TG: I want to be amongst the first Cameroonians to reap MTV VMA in my catergory.I have to be rich too...hahahaha!
MA: Any influence or anyone you look up to when it comes to the art you love best?
TG: I love Tina Turner, Black Mambazu,Wes Madico, Bob Marley, Jazon MRAZ, Colbie Caillat and the list is long.
A: Anyone you wish to pay tribute to?
TG: God first! The Almighty has been so kind to me Ė in fact Iím favoured. Then my dad has been very instrumental. All the people I have worked with have been good to me and to them I say thanks a million!

tiana gasha

MA: Do you have other interests or talents you would like to share with us? How do you like to enjoy your relaxation time away from music?
TG: Yeah Iím a pretty good dancer, I act real good, oh yes, no gloating, I do!
I watch movies, read or hang out with friends for my leisure.
MA: Thanks for talking to us Tiana.
TG: It was my pleasure. TIPTOPSTARS is the best. I love what you guys are doing.


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