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She is more familiar with Jee! Thats the name my friends call me, Enang Juliette told us recently. The young female Cameroon now breathes some air of nobility after being crowned the first ever Miss Central Africa Cameroon. Yet, Enang prefers to consolidate her humility in a bid to give her up-bringing a noble representation. This last born in a family of three offspring is a model par excellence. She now bears the flag of her country in a mission as challenging as that of any beauty queen. Enang, soon after her election as Miss Central Africa Cameroon 2012 talked to TIPTOPSTARS. Amongst other things, the most beautiful girl in sub-region representing Cameroon talked about her plans to stretch a helping hand to the underprivileged . Exceprts of the interview!

TIPTOPSTARS (TTS): Congrats on your recent crowning as Miss Central Africa Cameroon. Tell us how you felt soon after being declared winner of the contest.
Enang Juliette (EJ): Words can describe the feelings I had. Let me just say this simply I was overwhelmed.

TTS:   Did you expect to emerge victorious?
EJ Oh sure I did! I was confident of beauty and   my punctuality. Also the fact that I carried out every task assigned to me correctly gave me the urge over others.

TTS: You certainly must be aware of the challenges that come along with the titles such as the one you now hold...

EJ Definitely! As MCA Cameroon, my greatest wish is to create a positive impact on the lives of the less privilege, especially orphans. I have the responsibility of upgrading their living standards and raising their hopes for the future. I, committed to do that.

TTS: To be specific we know HIV/AIDS, malaria and to extent cholera remain major public health challenges in Cameroon. Any special plans in combating these diseases?
EJ Oh yes! So much has been done to combat these diseases, but more still has to be done. That more lies in sensitization. I say so because these diseases go beyong treatment they are better handled from the prevention angle. That prevention is found in urging people to consider decent and health lifestyles. Ill be out there to add my own voice in asking youths to abstain from premarital sex, keep their environments clean, etc.

TTS: What will be your motivation as you go about this?

EJ I think with God by my side, everything will move on smoothly. The resources to do these will surely be available.

TTS: Tell us how this dream of becoming a model came about.

EJ Honestly, Id never nursed hopes of becoming beauty pageants. I always knew milieu. However, when I was much developed interest in fashion shows, especially the runways. When I got to the university, I decided to get fully involved in modelling, to satisfy the urge that had started growing too fast. I then joined a modelling agency, Vine Yard Models, where my trainer encouraged me to audition for the contest.

TTS: What has been you biggest break or greatest opportunity as a pegeant aspirant?
EJHaving this title which enables me to show the world what I can offer as an individual.

TTS: What bothers you most about what is happening in your country today and why?
EJ OMG! Corruption! This ill waters the garden of underdevelopment in several countries, not just mine.

TTS: Is there any feature you would change about yourself as Miss Central Africa Cameroon
EJ None! I love myself just the way God created me and I wouldnt want anything changed about me. If being myself brought me to this level then I think that is just what I need for greater things to come.
TTS: Who would you consider to be your role model and why?
 EJWow! I have great admiration for Tyra Banks. Her humanitarian works inspire me. I adore my mentor, Manka Nadine. She is very intelligent, hard working and ambitious.

TTS: Everyone loves celebrities -you are now a role model to other youths. What is your advice to them, especially the ones who aspire to be like you?
Its not how fast you go, but how far you go. Also, identify your talents, try to develop them and most especially, be yourself and be optimistic at all times. Pray hard.
TTS: Do you have other interests or talents you would like to share with us?
EJ Ohh yes! I love singing, in fact I belong to two choral groups - YCW Simbock in Yaounde and Celestrial chorus in Buea.

TTS: What are your best moments? What are your passions?
EJ Hahaha, when Im eating. I also enjoy singing.
TTS: Where would you like to see yourself in the next years?What are your long term career goals?
EJ Being an economics student, my greatest wish is to work in a bank, then having a beautiful and secured family.

TTS: Do you have any one special you would like to thank for making your dreams come true?
EJ Yes! Id like to thank all my friends who were so supportive, my modelling trainers, my dear family that was so prayerful and above all, God almighty.

TTS: Thanks for talking to us Enang.

EJ Its my pleasure. Kudos TIPTOPSTARS, you guys are great!

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