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There maybe many spacious studios in Cameroon today with sophisticated equipement  but few posses  the understanding and passion for quality music Like the G3 Music Studio. Situated in Cite Verte Yaounde, G3 studio does not only provide professional Muical excellence but sets an exceptional platform for the individual pursuit of dreams with creativity and professional  expression, for a Global Audience.  Tiptopstars  takes a vivd insigth of G3 Music Studio in an interview with its  manager , CEO and Founder of the community of Creators Chi Chi Ladislav.
thumb_CHICHI_PICI am a multi media technician, CEO and Founder - The Community of Creators (The CoCs), Engineer and Studio Manager G3 Studios, Technical director AFECAM, Multimedia Consultant ACF int’l, Consultant Hi-Tech media, Former Studio Manager VMG Int’l.... I am from the NW Region in Cameroon. I got into the media as a young as 11yrs going to CRTV Radio for Holiday Workshop. My love for music drove me to being a DJ and also a radio animator. I have ran and conceived several radio programs and disc jockey programs with several radios like Abakwa FM (3years), CBN Radio, Radio SF, etc.
As an Engineer, Producer and Manager G3 studios, how does your day look like?
[CL] Wake up by 5:30 a.m - Devotion, attend to personal and house issues- Get to work by 8:30 am- Studio doors open to public at 10a.m- Check on the appointments and schedules of the day- Assign task to the necessary quarters of the studios- Ensure the smooth realisation of projects and productions of the day- Break at 1p.m- 2p.m - Back to work either recording or supervising-10- 6 p.m end of work-11- End of day meeting with staff- Home by 7:30 p.m
Where did you get this enormous talent in the Entertainment Industry? [Training? Background]
Talent is not acquire through formal education but can be developed through education. I know only God gave me all what I posses today.
What did you do before you got to this profession? Had this been your childhood dreams or you just found yourself into doing what you are doing?
I had dreams of being an orator, journalist, basketball player. I played basketball all through High school and college, practiced communication with radio houses and did alot of DJ’ing. As time went on and relative to the environments which I place myself in, I discovered there was more in me other than just being a journalist or basketball player. So I had to seek for professional knowledge to polish the gifts and talents in what I am doing.
What services does the G3 Studios offer to the public?

-       Live recording and Mastering studio

-       Pre and post video production

-       Web designing and maintenance

-       Music Academy

-       Events Management

-       Live sound for Concerts

-       Arts and Graphic Design

-       Music Artist

-       Broadcast services

What makes G3 Studios better than other Production studios in town?
The whole team is very special. We work with the fear of the Lord which is the beginning of wisdom. We are passionate in what we do and  when you come to G3 Studios for whatever reason, you feel the spirit of love, team spirit  and family plus acceptance which is what other production studios lacks.
How will you define your success in the entertainment industry?
I have made progress with 2 Awards to my credit but I can’t really talk of success now because we are still at a foundation stage in Cameroon. I believe in the next few months I will be able to clearly count my success naming them 1 by 1.
What inspires you to keep going and how do you keep yourself motivated?
Hey, The Vision I have and the Talents our country posses is enough for me not to slumber. I believe in developing and enterprising talents. My greatest motivation comes when I find people who believe in my course, especially from my Team (G3 Studios staff). I work with a group of young men who hate mediocrity with a passion. We are good critics and believe in excellence. Together we believe the entertainment industry in Cameroon will stand its grounds.
What do you think your “biggest break” or “greatest opportunity” has been so far in your career and that of the G3 Studios?
My  greatest break and that of the Studio is yet to come
What genre of music do you as a producer to you prefer to work on? 
As a producer and engineer you are a lover of music no matter the genre, but I get most comfortable working on live Cameroonian traditional music.
Who are some of the artist you had the opportunity to produce in your studio .how can you access their success.[Tell us about  your works] 
We have worked with Guy Michel – runner up Africa Star 2010, Albert le Grand (Diamantaire), Tony Nobody – Canal 2 , Manekang , ADAH –(Cameroon’s  2face) He is super talented, Daddy Black – that voice like wycleff, he is a house hold name in Cameroon today. Tony Washington – the Koffi Olomide of cameroon, Kati Preston, TAO and many gospel groups and choirs like Togetherness, CYF Bastos etc
Guy Michel who was a candidate for Africa star is a Product of G3 Studios. How can you access your work with him and his genre of Music? 
Guy Michel is a super Talented artist, we began working together a long time before he went for Africa Star 2010 Edition which he finished 2nd place making Cameroon proud. He is bringing  another revolution in Cameroon music, Acoustic RnB, makossa- techtonic  fusion, with his ability to sing in English, French, Douala and pidgin, he is one of what Cameroon has been waiting for. Thumbs up to him.
What do you think about the Cameroonian Music and the Entertainment industry in General?
In the past, Cameroon has always been noted for its Makossa and its Bikutsi music  But our present generation  is ever evolving and its taking it to another level thereby creating a fusion.  If you check the last 3 years, all music awards in central Africa has been all around  Cameroon, 1st Nescafe 2008, 2nd Nescafe2010, 1st Africa Star 2008, 2nd Africa Star 2010, Bright phase Kora nominee 2008....we are going places. 
The Entertainment industry has been headed for so long by some people who have refuse to let young and inspired people head  the train, if they insist again we(young talented)  are gonna take the bus.
How do you select the artist you work with and how do you proceed with the Artists after recording?
Our artists are selected through criteria’s best known by the staff which is not yet public. After recording our Artist, the label has strategic plans which have been well spelled out which goes beyond national boundaries. These plans are kept safe in the interest of the artist and the label.
Can you tell us about how you market your artist and the distribution of their products? 
Our marketing and distribution techniques are clearly stated out and are available to those we are working with.
Any influence or anyone you look up to when it comes to the Music Industry? [Role Model]
Jay – Z, Sean Combs (P.Diddy),
We also heard you are shooting this January a music video of one of your artist. Can you tell us more about this project. 
                  VIDEO STUDIO
We have finished shooting the Video of ADAH for his single “Nyango”.We are on the editing desk now. This video is gonna be a “must watch” .The video is set for release this month. Its official date will be confirmed soonest. We are also working on the video of Guy Michel feat ADAH titled “Sangolo”.
Do you have other interests or talents you would like to share with us? How do you like to enjoy your relaxation time away from the G3 Studios?
I like to go swimming, watching movies and music videos, go for live concerts. Most  importantly, as a lover of show biz in general, I have great interest in movies and talk shows and presently, we have projects in the pipeline in relation to these
Where would you like to see yourself within the next years? What are you long term career goals? 
I belief we are created by God for specific purposes on earth and personally, I hope in a few years from now, I will accomplish my purpose and be a good example for others to follow ( mentor and reference).
Could you tell us about the best moments of your life in The Entertainment Industry 
This is so simple because every morning I wake up is my best moment
Any advice to Aspiring Artists? 
Being an artist is like being a leader or a teacher and whether you like it or not people look up to you. So my advice is that, the talents you have in whatever artistic domain you belong are abilities freely given to you by God to help you carry out your responsibilities on earth; so use them wisely by doing the right things at the right time for the right reasons without your conscience telling you otherwise.
Do you have any one special you would like to thank for making your dreams come true? 
I thank God for choosing me to do what am doing. Big thanks to my parents and siblings. Very Big thanks to Rev SONG Yusimbom(Daddy), if not for  you...The great G3 Studios Team, who is like unto you guyz? thanks for making G3 our thing.
If you were to describe G3 Music studio in four words what would you say? 

It should be noted that JOHN SHADDAI, designer of Cameroon’s 50th anniversary logo is G3 Studios Graphic designer

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