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“ Dulce Camer to be a reference point for the Cameroonian entertainment and arts industries” – Cynthia Anduhtabe

Blogging and social media is a shift in how people discover read and share news, information and content.This  Week Tiptopstars(TTS) in an exclusive two part  interview talks to the  ladies  behind the Online  platform  Dulce Camer   who are  fuelled by their  passion to take Cameroons Entertainment  and art Industry  as well as  a diversity of Sprouting Cameroonian Talents or as  they put it :- “fabulous  Cameroonians  out there doing their thing” around the globe from obscurity to eminence with thier indepth profiling /Interviews and writeups. In Part  1  TTS begins with one of thiers - Get the scoops!!

Hi TTS, many thanks for profiling the blog on your website. My name is Cynthia Anduhtabe and I run the Dulce Camer blog together with Isabel Bezeng and Ngum Ngafor(PART 2) .I am from South West Cameroon although I spent my childhood years in Yaoundé before relocating to London, UK.I started the Dulce Camer blog in August 2008 because I had just discovered the phenomenon that was online blogging. I discovered so many interesting sites but they were all either on Nigeria or Ghana and I was very disappointed because I couldn’t find anything interesting on Cameroon. I also felt as if Cameroonians were not achieving much and it was for the desire to discover what Cameroonians were up to that the idea to profile Cameroon and its talents kick started the Dulce Camer blog.

[TTS] You are doing an awesome work- what is Dulce Camer? Why the name Dulce Camer?

Cynthia Anduhtabe [CA]Dulce Camer is a blog that showcases Cameroonian achievements worldwide. It profiles talents in business, entertainment, fashion, media etc. Through these profiles Cameroonians (including myself) and non Cameroonians get to learn more about our country! I chose the name Dulce Camer because in Spanish (which I speak) “dulce” means “sweet” and “camer” is short for “Cameroon” so Dulce Camer means “Sweet Cameroon”.


[TTS] As a blogger and executive officer of a PR & Marketing company etc how do you find time to do all that? What is your typical daily routine?

[CA] Blogging and doing PR/Marketing are my passion. My day job is totally different because I work in the insurance market in London.Isabel, Ngum and I recently launched a PR/Marketing venture called Votre Avant Garde (VAG). We provide marketing and PR solutions to different businesses including fashion designers, music artists, restaurants/hotels. Bespoke event production for our corporate and private clients is a major part of our work. Think birthdays, christening, weddings etc. And we bring the style to it!We also organise a yearly fashion event in London called CamerCouture which showcases fashion designers from across Africa. You can find more information on our website . I find time to do all of these because I am really passionate about it. My day to day activities are very varied. It ranges from answering emails and telephone calls, doing interviews or interviewing talents, proposal writing, making contact with prospective clients, event planning to researching online or preparing interview questions. Not forgetting that I also have my 9-5 job in the London insurance market.


[TTS] What sparked your interest into profiling Cameroons Talents and the entertainment Industry?

[CA] The lack of sites focusing on entertaining information within Cameroon and its communities. All the sites out there on Cameroon were mainly politics-based and although I am interested in politics (a little bit!) having witnessed the social changes in the 21st century we all know that entertainment has become so important it is in itself a political and development tool. Barack Obama’s election is a testament to the influence of popular culture on politics.I was also interested in educating, inspiring and motivating other people to follow their dreams and by profiling “normal” people who had achieved something in their life I hoped it would play a part in encouraging others.


[TTS] What inspires you to keep going and how do you keep yourself motivated?

[CA] The fact that I am passionate about what I do inspires me and keeps me going. I feel great about the feedback people send to me on DC and I look forward to developing it. This is my motivation and I will continue on the blog until I can’t anymore!


[TTS] To what do you attribute your success and how did you get where you are now with Dulce Camer?

[CA] I’d say the success of Dulce Camer lies in the fact that we were the very first blog that focused on talent profiling of “normal” achievers as well as the forgotten Cameroon entertainment sector.We got to where we are now through word of mouth as well as through our great display of passion and commitment!


[TTS] How do you access your readers and how have they contributed to the success of Dulce Camer?

[CA] We are blessed that word of mouth, our passion and commitment, has increased our readership thus making us successful. We access our readers just through the blog as well as on social media sites including Facebook.


[TTS] What is that special that you want to accomplish with Dulce Camer? Where do you see Dulce Camer and yourself in the next couple of years?

[CA] With Dulce Camer, I would like for it to be a reference point for the Cameroonian entertainment and arts industries. Slowly but surely, we will get there. In the next few years, I aim to be running a very successful business.


[TTS] Your Top 50 list which you started in 2009 has been a successful and yearly awaited slot on Dulce Camer. What criteria do you use to select those who feature on your top 50 list?  What is your Goal with the Top 50 list? What has been your readers’ response with the categories? What impact do you think it’s got on Cameroon and Cameroonians who are featured on this list?

[CA] Yes, the Dulce Camer Top 50 list has been successful and well received. We started this list as a result of a power list published by Jeune Afrique in 2009. To our horror, the young presence on it was negligible so we decided to show that there were more young Cameroonians doing inspiring things and changing the world.Our 2009 list, we selected the 50 individuals profiled through our own research as well as including some of those talents we had profiled on the blog. We had a lot of feedback from our readers with some leaving names of individuals they thought ought to be on our list.Our 2010 list, we passed the baton to our readers. The list you see this year is filled with nominees as well as candidates we thought deserved to be on there.The criteria are simple; we feature people who are excelling in their field, people who are not afraid to follow their dreams and achieve success. The criteria or categories speak for themselves. We aim to use this list again to inspire, motivate and educate other people to develop a “yes I can” spirit.We have had great feedback from those people featured on our list. Apart from being honoured that they were featured they now want to even achieve more which is wonderful!

[TTS] What are some of your favorite news story/article/ Profile/ Talent discovery last year 2010 and  so far?

[CA] Favourite 2010 talent discoveries include, T’Mah or Fotemah Mba who is the head of A&R at Konvict/BuVision record label owned by Akon. Adjani Klinsmann who is a fabulous painter. Luc Mbah A Moute who plays defense for the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA league. Tia-MacRen, they already show great spirit and passion in their field. Charlotte Mbatsogo is on her way up! Eric Takukam is very talented and passionate about his arts. Penjo Peter is awesome..with his passion for film making and photography he’ll definitely move Cameroon! I also loved the feature on CamerCouture’s second edition show!

[TTS] What has been the most Craziest, Sexiest, Coolest, Trendiest, Fabulous Thing you have found Cameroonians doing out there ?

[CA] Running great businesses from restaurants to event planning to fashion designing, music production, media publishing to talents making a mark within modelling, painting, music etc!


[TTS] What inspires you about  these People?

[CA] Again their attitude and their passion inspires me.


[TTS] What does it take to sustain Dulce Camer with such rich and quality content?

[CA] Awww, thank you so much!! We do try to ensure that we are giving our best!

[TTS] Which blogs/sites/portals do YOU read?  Do you have any close friends in the blogosphere? Which are your favorite sites? /why

[CA] I read I Rep Camer, Yenih’s Bliss, Nexdim Empire, Bella Naija, Journal du Cameroun, some fashion and business related blogs/websites etc.I am close to a few writers from the above blogs/websites.I love the above sites because they are all so diverse in their portrayal and discoveries. You learn something new everytime you read!


[TTS] What have you done so far to define yourself amongst the other sprouting talent Scouting and celebrity profiling platforms?

[CA] We are the founding ”mothers” (only women at DC!) of the Camer entertainment portal!


[TTS] As a Talent Profiling site, If you had to think of a slogan that could leave a positive impact for everyone what would your slogan be?

[CA] “Yes YOU can”

[TTS] We see a lot of fashion on your site; you seem to be a fashion freak!  What's your personal style and what /who are some of your favorite  Cameroon brands/ designers?

[CA] I love fashion, my partners and I all do and that is why we organise the yearly fashion event CamerCouture here in London.My personal style is very varied! It depends on how I feel a particular morning/day and to be honest I do not follow the mainstream fashion trends. I dress how I want when I want but one thing you will notice for sure is my love for colour! I could be Africhic one day or corporate another or just plain normal another day!My favourite Cameroonian designers are: Côté Minou, KiRette Couture, Kreyann, Martial Tapolo, Olivia Ervi, Louise Assomo, Syl Anim (her African inspired sandals are to die for!), Anggy Haif, Imane Ayissi, Maison d’Afie, Charlotte Mbatsogo, John (love, love, love his stuff! His finishing is the best I have seen so far within the Cameroonian fashion scene!).


[TTS] What do you think about the Cameroonian talents you have profiled on Dulce Camer and as well as the fashion, art, culture and the entertainment Industry in general?

[CA] The talents profiled on DC have been inspirational. Everyone has a story to tell about their personal success and achievements and this is great because it shows that there isn’t a particular formula or set route to making it in life. The only thing needed is passion and determination which all the talents profiled on DC possess.I am very proud of the Cameroon fashion, art, culture and entertainment scene. The rising young Cameroonians are doing a lot for themselves which is something that has to be applauded. You have people like Naomi Achu, Nabil Fongod, Tito Valery, Mr Daddy Black, Yomo Chris, Steveslil, Denzyl, Wax, Adjani Klinsmann, Shiri Achu, Naoumie Ekiko, Luc Richard Mbah A Moute, Ndamukong Suh, all doing fabulous things in their own industries which in turns pushes the Cameroon name out there. Their hard work benefits us all!


[TTS] Any influence or anyone you look up to when it comes celebrities or talents [Role model]

[CA] I would say Oprah Winfrey; look at where she is now! She is one of the most influential women on the planet! I am influenced by people who work hard and who are not afraid to get what they want. People like Kibonen Nfi of KiRette Couture, Amabel Niba, Poala Ndengue, Uche of Bella Naija etc all inspire me.

[TTS] Do you have other interests or talents you would like to share with us? How do you like to enjoy your relaxation time away from Dulce Camer?

[CA] I love baking cupcakes! Check out my Lolitas Cupcakes on Facebook!I am also passionate about interior design (my love of colour is die hard here!). I also love listening to music to unwind as well as watching Nollywood films.


[TTS] You are active on social networks like facebook, twitter, Hi5 and co. How do you think they have contributed to exposing Cameroonian talents? Do you have any tips, tricks on social media to share with our readers?

[CA] You have to be rigorous on these sites! Make sure you use your wall and the walls of your friends wisely as these could potentially lead to greater things!


[CA] If your readers would like to get some PR/Marketing for their businesses or plan an event, they shouldn’t hesitate to contact us via facebook on the Votre Avant Garde group! Thanks!






YouTube: Camercouture

Facebook : Tabe Cynthia, Camer Couture



                                                   FUN BOX

What are your greatest fears /weaknesses? My salvation

My life is covered by the blood in Jesus’ name…amen!

My talents makes me remain focused

My favourite Music is African inspired music (Jazz, Makossa, Zouk, Soul etc)

My favourite Band (don’t have a particular band/musician)

My favourite meal is Garri and Eru (I am Bayangi ofcourse!)

My favourite TV show is NCIS or anything murder mystery!

Support The Entertainment Industry because it is the way forward!

My friends call me ---“Cynthis” or “Cynth” or “Cyntabs” or “Cyn” or “Tabs”

My favourite holiday is: I would love to go to the Caribbean (Turks and Caicos) or Cape Verde in western Africa.


[TTS]Okay, brag a little bit and make us jealous.  What kind of perks do you get from the success of your blog? 

[CA] Interviews in magazines, blogs, websites and invites to glamorous evenings. I also develop very personal relationaships with some people others view as celebrities!



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