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Ernest Kanjo / Thursday, 05 November 2009 09:20

bazoresHis fans have been itchy to hear from him again. He has been quite aware, but would not give them what they do not deserve. That is why it took him two years. The delicacy is now out of the kitchen and is en route to the dinning table. Dinning time is near! Or, should we say it's dance time with Ateh Bazore?

After Yi Kfe Ilah, that held Cameroon spellbound, here comes Bazore with yet another hit - Yi Cheum. Yi Cheum is Bazore's latest album that comprises 8 beautiful tracks. It is a melange of "njang", "bottle dance", "njang wain" and incantation. Available in DVD, VCD and CD, Yi Cheum is a well-packaged piece that has benefited from the expertise of ace musician, Sam Fan Thomas. It promises to be another hit.

Yi Cheum will officially see the light of day this Saturday 7 November 2009 in Yaounde . It's launching will take place at the Cameroon Chamber of Agriculture situated opposite the Mutation Newspaper headquarters behind Cinema ABBIA. Fans and the public in general are expected to join the folklore hero at 6pm to welcome the newborn in the music family. Not only will they be expected to support the talented singer, but guest to the launching will be entertained by Bazore's colleagues including Romeo Dika, Tsimi Toro, Ambroise Messi, Bisso Solo, Jacky Biho, Takam II, Patou Bass, Albert Premier, Afo-Akom, Prince Tche Tche, Bachou Sila, Oski Lina, etc.

With five albums, Ateh Bazore is over 20 years old in music. He was the brain behind the popular North West folklore group, NOTA STARS that pulled huge attention in the late 90s. He has also groomed many young singers and inspired scores of others. Ateh is also a journalist, working with the State-run radio and television, CRTV. He is a CRTV presenter par excellence, having begun with North West Dance Time, a popular show he ran in the 90s in Bamenda. Apart from handling slots on "Hello", Ateh runs a traditional dance show, "Sounds of Cameroon" on CRTV. He has also made a name on Brunch Time show on the National Station. What a multi-talented artist! Let's dance with Bazore!

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