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Cameroonian actress abroad Ayi Chatou, Susan Ayuk, Besong Sandrine to make great strides
Ernest Kanjo & Abigail Noella / Thursday, 04 March 2010 21:56

Suzzy_actress Three of English-speaking Cameroon's talented actresses have flown abroad for matters concerning their careers. Ayi Chatou Inoua (actress/producer) to Nigeria, now on her way to the Caribbean Island, Ayuk Susan Ngwai to Brazil and Besong Sandrine to China.

Ayi Chatou first left Cameroon a couple of weeks ago to handle matters concerning Royal Destiny, a hit movie she produced recently, starring Emeka Ike, Tonto Dike, Solange Yijika and Muma Pascal. "I'm also working out cooperation ties between the Cameroon and Nigerian film industries," she told us on the line to Lagos.

During her stay there, Ayi Chatou received an invitation to take part in a Caribbean film festival. "I will also grab the golden opportunity to set up working ties between our industry and the one in the Caribbean," the producer of Royal Destiny further announced.

On her part, Ayuk Susan flew to Brazil after gaining admission to read cinematography in a one of that country's universities. She was accompanied on the trip by her daughter, DaGrace who doubles as child actress. Tiptopstars is arranging an exclusive interview with the actress and producer of Erunoh in subsequent updates.

From China, comes the news of Besong Sandrine. The star actress in Musing Derick's Cluster flew in the company of her husband. On the line from China, Sandrine told Tiptopstars she is still studying the Chinese film environment. "As soon as I'm a little bit settled, I will get on set," she explained. "Then, Chinese would know what stuff Cameroonian actresses are made of," she added. Sandrine has also featured in several Cameroonian movies including Switching Hearts and Mark of the Absolute. 



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