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1 Cameroon: Crystal Beauty Show beams into Fako homes Ernest Kanjo 2911
2 Number 2 season for “Number One Girl” TTS 4832
3 PJ’s question on love Titus Banyoh 2948
4 Graduate TV heroine explains degree in showbiz Ernest Kanjo 3891
5 USA: Up-and-coming Cameroonian child band is best artist of the year “They’re encouraged, yet challenged to fetch more awards” - Marie Ndapqwe, mum, manager of C-Boyz Ernest Kanjo 4717
6 Afro-pop: Nick Mayor’s unconditional love Titus Banyoh 3510
7 Afrobeats: Adango Salicia promotes self to front seat Ernest Kanjo 2432
8 New creation: Cendra Kaifa and the soukous-mako upshoot! Titus Banyoh 12731
9 “Take me seriously, else, I’ll soon be singing about you” Hansel Ngwane, comedian cum Hip-Hop/Rap singer Ernest Kanjo 8873
12 Afro-pop: Wadjo waxes on Ernest Kanjo 2757
13 The rise of Daphne Ernest Kanjo 5500
14 Belgium: Cameroonian Singer calls for prayers Titus Banyoh 3491
15 “We’ll be sourcing ads for consistent blogs” - Adeline Sede Kamga, FabAfrique Mag publisher/organizer of D’la bloggers’ hangout Ernest Kanjo 5871
16 World Cup 2014 Sounds and Voices World Cup Voices Courtesy of Crystal Beauty Compiled by Marcel Adig 3589
17 “Our intense campaign strategy and immense public support played the trick” - Cynthia Tabe, publicist for MTV Awards laureate Stanley Enow Ernest Kanjo 277400
19 World Cup song: Ndolo Dance hero, childhood peer bet for Lions Ernest Kanjo 94857
20 “Talent, creativity, uniqueness, humility is what we look for in artists” - Eyong David, sound engineer, CEO of Kumba Yo’on Records. Anang Christy Ijang 10168
21 MTV Awards: Civil call to vote Stanley Enow Ernest Kanjo 4427
22 Belgium: Star DJ makes in-roads in music, comedy Titus Banyoh 2560
23 Big blow: Lapiro succumbs, legacy stays Ernest Kanjo 4891
24 “Vote for me, I’ve much in store for you” - Zangue Flora, Cameroonian Face of Africa Germany aspirant TTS 7014
26 “We’re bent on developing creativity in kids” - Miranda Ejang Tatabod, creative director, MIMS KIDDIES CENTER, Douala Ernest Kanjo 173051
27 Get The "NOIR" Experience By Liiber London TTS 3004
28 Belgium: New-fashioned Miss Cameroon tipped as crowd-puller spectacle Titus Banyoh 3573
29 CBS review: Hollywood’s Bryan McClure okays shooting in Africa Ernest Kanjo 5094
30 BBC tsunami: Komla Dumor ends, legacy lives on Ernest Kanjo 2861
31 Today: Sam-E emerges heads high with befitting single Ernest Kanjo 3964
32 Gospel music: Suzie Ukum’s December launch preps TUDI NDI NATHALIE 2954
33 African Diaspora Merits Awards: Diana Tambe Blackpearl is designer of the year TTS 6111
34 PRESS RELEASE : Daddy Black is no ‘small boy’ TTS 3169
35 “Beauty radiates from self-confidence” - Miss Elegance Afrique 2013 laureate Titus Banyoh 2957
36 USA: Nollywood actress’ fashion/cosmetic trend tipped unique culled from www.icontactarchive.com 82947
37 Kumba musical trio sets standards Anang Christy Ijang 3061
38 African gospel: Latest video shields Maybelle Boma with blood of Jesus Ernest Kanjo 3157
39 “Co-producing with Oprah is my greatest aspiration” - TALKTOLIA Show host Ernest Kanjo 9387
40 Music: Kokong Signet proves might Titus Banyoh 2605
41 “Music and movie are two sides of the same coin” - Baby Angel, singer and film maker Janet Agbor 3815
42 TIPTOPSTARS: The marketplace for sumptuous entertainment TTS 3698
43 Kumba: West Don professes his “ajebota” sub-genre Anang Christy Ijang 4633
44 From movie set to music stage: Taka Tanni, Mairo Sanda go “love-zouking” Ernest Kanjo 3965
45 “I’m not part of anything unsuccessful”--Alenne Menget, CEO of ATS Productions Asonganyi Carista N. 2978
46 Hip-Hop: Melcube hopes for greater heights Carista Asonganyi and Ernest Kanjo 3277
47 “My victory was a pleasant surprise”-Kang Quintus, CMMA best actor in the diaspora Asonganyi Carista N. 2815
48 Recognition: Ernest Kanjo gets achievement award Asonganyi Carista N. 4004
49 Demise of former Lion’s captain: Ernest Kanjo Eulogizes Dr Abega Ernest Kanjo 6510
50 DAMA 2012: Nominations out! Asonganyi Carista N. 3807
51 Emilie Siewe: Meet CEA stage director, her business, her dreams *UPDATE* TTS 16592
52 Comedy: Cameroon’s Ngwane Hansel on fast lane to stardom Asonganyi Carista N. 6316
54 Gospel: Pandita, Anita Etta in up-coming single Ernest Kanjo 3289
55 Miss University Africa 2012: Re-visiting Cameroon’s flagbearer Ernest Kanjo 5382
56 Briefly: Re-visiting a one-time Miss North West Ernest Kanjo 3501
57 USA: Agbor Gilbert swells film partnerships Ernest Kanjo 5824
58 Sama Baldwin scores high in new reporting experience Ernest Kanjo 3395
59 Miss University Africa Gears Up TTS 4902
60 Germany: Most beautiful to be chosen this weekend Ernest Kanjo 3528
61 Gospel: Yunick J. Yuniwoh sets in Ernest Kanjo 3091
62 Music:Mr Fix It makes It To Music TTS 3169
63 Bright Phase: Pally, Beryl recount their love story Ernest Kanjo 3696
64 Miss Central Africa International Pageant: Cameroon’s flag bearer chosen Ernest Kanjo 5464
65 Belgium: Lil Squares puts Cameroon on top Titus Banyoh 3764
66 “In music, the brain can do the trick” - Brainwork, Cameroonian world music star Titus Banyoh 3636
67 New movie queen: Cassandra Kinde on shiny track Ernest Kanjo & Titus Banyoh 3177
68 CRTV shows: The desirable Baldwin Sama Ernest Kanjo 6988
69 “Anything post-production is my thing” -Achille Brice, film editing maestro, producer of Obsession Ernest Kanjo 6156
70 Cameroon set for Akon showdown Ernest Kanjo 4116
71 Emerging star: Klay Obi’s acting prowess Ernest Kanjo 5209
72 CRTV: Gwen propelled to Tam-Tam Weekend Ernest Kanjo 10258
73 Confused Bachelor: Kang Quintus fails to marry Ernest Kanjo 5943
74 “With locally made tripod rails, we did a great job” Elvis Tanwie aka De Daddies, film director Ernest Kanjo 3065
75 Canal d’Or 2011 sans Lady Ponce Ernest Kanjo 6251
76 Mabelle Boma on second gospel hit Ernest Kanjo 4361
77 PANJO - Singing Side Of Steveslil Ernest Kanjo & Marcel A. 3547
78 Cameroon Entertainment Awards: Highlights Ernest Kanjo 7681
79 Buea: Cameroonian fashion on display in March TTS 20135
80 Tanzania’s love for X-Maleya Ernest Kanjo 6656
81 Don Tom, Wax Dey see their wives Ernest Kanjo 6571
82 Music Collab: 'I don See My Wife ' Dom Tom ft Cameroonian Wax Dey TTS 7533
83 Know Miss University Africa Cameroon M. Adig & Ernest Kanjo 7275
84 Uncle T at last! Ernest Kanjo 2949
85 CRTV-CFI/CAMAG on short films deal Ernest Kanjo 3213
86 Bright Phase celebrates 'Celebration' Ernest Kanjo 3671
87 Cameroonian features top in Brazilian film TTS 3299
88 Cameroonian Wins Miss Africa USA Pageant Nana Walter Wilson 4596
89 Menoosha - Best International Act Nominee at BEFFTA 2011 TTS 3257
90 New Comer: DA BREEZE - The Emerging Music Star TTS 3147
91 ZAFAA 2011: Knowing & voting for Nchifor Valery Ernest Kanjo 3568
92 Cameroonian Obama Henry paves way for African action films Ernest Kanjo 5286
93 Elchic Echondong: Rediscovering a missing hero Ernest Kanjo 3758
94 Ernest Kanjo picks up 6th award Abigail Njim Noella 5072
95 Solange Yijika charms fans Ernest Kanjo 7073
96 Menoosha - Breathtaking Versatile Voice Soul Singer TTS 6256
97 Bright wedding for Bright Phase’s Sylva Ernest Kanjo 8757
98 Ernest Kanjo gets another award TTS 4603
99 Much-awaited Gospel Band in studio Ernest Kanjo 3444
100 Gospel Musical album: Emile Ngumbah sure of sound quality Ernest Kanjo 3217

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