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evelyn TIPTOPSTARSThe health stalemate caused by the ravaging Ebola virus and the frightening security threat brought about by the invasion of Boko Haram are two current situations that naturally call for divine intervention for the sake of Africa’s peaceful growth process. Christians have held strongly that in times like this, prayers must be multiplied. In such prayers, God’s mighty intervention is definitely prominent. Seeking God’s hand in these hold-ups is undoubtedly what Evelyn Bright is opting for, in her latest gospel single, Daddy, Africa Needs You.

Truly, we need God and do so urgently because we are being hit really hard,” the Maryland, USA-based singer told TIPTOPSTARS. To Bright, the adduction of the more than 200 teenage school girls in Nigeria’s northern town of Chibok and the Ebola mad wave are enough to make such a clarion call. In the 4.50-minute long track, packaged in Dream Recording Studio and produced by Walta Blackson, the committed singer pleads to the Almighty that He is needed by the continent at this critical moment to turn things around.

Featuring in the single that has been released today are two of Cameroon’s up-and-coming gospel artists in the US – Pandita Njoh and Angel Nganbou.

Daddy, Africa Needs You comes after Stormy Winds (featuring Immanuel Etta) and Shout and Praise, a much earlier single by the same artist.

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The Cameroon film industry is young but …

The Cameroon film industry is young but promising” -Erick Ntang, Callywood boss

{xtypo_rounded2}Erick Ntang and Callywood are not strange names, at least for those who trade on facebook. There is little doubt today that the man and the film house have become... Read more

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Youth leadership via showbiz, self-enter…

Youth leadership via showbiz, self-enterprise

“Investing in young talents is nursing seeds for great harvest of visionary leaders who can make it happen through creative thinking and ICT-oriented development” – Akere-Maimo J. Ano-Ebie... Read more

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“My versatility makes me an adorable ar…

 “My versatility makes me an adorable artist”  -   Alenne Menget, artist and CEO of ATS

When this interviewer (then Editor-in-Chief of Among Youths) described him as an oral artist par excellence way back in 2007, in one of the best-selling editions of the magazine,... Read more

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Bright Phase celebrates 'Celebration'

Bright Phase celebrates 'Celebration'

Fans are now relieved! They had longed for another great compilation from Bright Phase after t3he last edition of KORA Awards where the group served Cameroon with a laudable performance.... Read more

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Supplication: Cameroonian short film in …

Supplication: Cameroonian short film in supply soon!

Supplication is another short film that will surely play a positive one on lovers of Cameroonian productions. Reason – the cast and crew is one of the most envied in... Read more

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Cameroonian movie: Critical Point awaite…

Cameroonian movie: Critical Point awaited

  More than ever, the Cameroonian diaspora has demonstrated an admirable determination to fuel the country's film industry in this era of stiff competition. While the US and UK have been... Read more

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TIPTOPSTARS: The marketplace for sumptuo…

TIPTOPSTARS: The marketplace for sumptuous entertainment

To complement the traditional media (radio, television and hard copy news publications), online journalism is one thing the world has finally embraced with very little resistance. Increasingly, audiences are getting... Read more

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Sonnah Awards: Far secures six nominatio…

Sonnah Awards: Far secures six nominations

Commenting in Among Youths (a one-time best-selling English language magazine published in Cameroon), some years back, this writer opined that producer Agbor Gilbert Ebot had become so popular that... Read more

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USA: Cameroon gets own awards

USA: Cameroon gets own awards

  In recent years, Africans living in the diaspora have been very concerned about recognizing and appreciating the continent’s values, talents and productivity. The creative arts domain has easily been figured... Read more

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Fashion designing: Nancy Seino designs p…

Fashion designing: Nancy Seino designs path

Nancy Seino is a name Cameroon and the world at large will definitely start getting used to as times goes on. Seino is a 23-year-old Cameroonian whose stars shine so... Read more

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Breaking News! Lupita Nyong’o accepts de…

Breaking News! Lupita Nyong’o accepts deal to star in Cameroonian movie

2014 Oscar winner and sensation, Lupita Nyong’o has accepted to star in a Cameroonian movie alongside some of the industry’s leading actors including Solange Yijika, Jeffery Epule, Mbufung Seikeh... Read more

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Miss P Show host to meet the Obamas

Miss P Show host to meet the Obamas

On the invitation of the Universal Documentary Services (UDS), Cameroonian TV host, Pamela Happi will be in Washington DC as from Wednesday, April 11, 2018, to film a special edition... Read more

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The story of three (3) movies

SISTERDEAREST 1  TIPTOPSTARSDirected by John Ikem Uche and produced by USA-based Cameroonian-born Lilian Ndi, Sister Dearest, shot last year came into public space in January this year with the announcement of its premiere in March. Soon after the announcement was made, countless attractively designed flyers swept social network galvanizing gross attention from movie lovers that went beyond the producer’s country of origin. Every single day and moment, friends, well-wishers and industry shot callers tasked themselves with promoting the March 22 event which was awaited with lots of anxiety and excitement. As the D-day drew nearer, the crowd around Sister Dearest swelled and it became an event on every lip, home and abroad. Cast and crew members in the production took turns in marketing the official outing of Sister Dearest. A prominent case in point was a pre-event promo video orchestrated by actor Claudio Oben, starring in the now circulating movie. March 22 came and went and the event is now in the annals.


viri TIPTOPSTARSJust like Sister Dearest, VIRI, a movie directed by Enah John Scott and produced by Nkanya Nkwai enjoyed publicity like it never happened before. However, unlike the John Ikem Uche film, VIRI benefitted from the promotion of a professional marketing outfit, Douala-run ModeMaison PR. In a captivating manner, the outfit vibrated news about VIRI’s March release and the Douala premiere so profusely that it caught the attention of other traditional media outfit including Afrikka Radio. In a pre-movie launch edition of African Cocktail with Ernest Kanjo, VIRI’s producer Nkanya Nkwai added his voice in selling the event. Later reports from Cameroon’s economic capital held that the VIRI premiere, just like predicted, was a successful event. “It was awesome and I’m proud to have been part of this great outing,” Lynno Lovert, one of the actors starring in the movie told African Cocktail on the line to Buea.

The Storm

storm  TTSPerhaps, the most exciting part of the March Movie month story is The Storm. Written by Kenneth Ngamne and produced by Emmanuel Takusi and directed by Obed Joe, The Storm fast became a phenomenon soon after its March 29 premiere was made public in January. Flyer after flyer, announcing its coming flooded Facebook, day in, day out. Interesting, the then upcoming premiere ceased to be a primary concern of the Team The Steam – it turned out to be everyone’s assignment. For the first time, a Cameroonian movie premiere in the USA was covered by the State-run broadcaster, CRTV, represented by FM 105 Douala Station boss and committed entertainment promoter Behyia Leonard Bruce. The event proper, described by observers was a come-and-see – glamourous in all aspects!

Sister Dearest, VIRI and The Storm, now released, are said to be some of the movies that have enjoyed an inexplicable attention since the start of the current dispensation within the film industry in Cameroon. Which movie comes next in this line? The coming months have the answer!

In writing the history of the Cameroonian film industry, the month of March 2014 will undoubtedly occupy reasonable space. It is during the month that some of the most... Read more

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“Contemporary music cannot win makossa f…

“Contemporary music cannot win makossa from me” -    Frank Bebe, singer

You cannot write the history of Cameroonian music without devoting ample volumes for makossa. It is the undoubtedly the country’s most popular and successful musical genres along the years. Like... Read more

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Cameroonian movies: Retaliation trailer …

Cameroonian movies: Retaliation trailer provokes great anxiety

Anxiety has gripped movie lovers, at least those whose presence on social network is common. Reason: The publication of the official trailer of Retaliation. The publication of the trailer has... Read more

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Media & business: Vault mag clad in Ward…

Media & business: Vault mag clad in WardRobe’s bests

WardRobe is one! One year on, the fashion shop that is now known to make men and women look gorgeous has kept waxing on strong. In Cameroon’s economic capital... Read more

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“I wasn’t an A List actress prior to sta…

“I wasn’t an A List actress prior to starring in Kiss of Death” – Cameroon’s best actress tells radio show

  The current most valuable Cameroonian actress has declared that she was far from being an ‘A Lister’ in the industry, when she was contacted to play lead character in Kiss... Read more

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“Read, take classes” – Emmanuel Takusi t…

“Read, take classes” – Emmanuel Takusi tells filmmakers

The President of the Cameroon Filmmakers’ Guild, USA has enjoined movie directors and producers from the Central African country to come on board the organization which according to him, is... Read more

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Neba Lawrence, Ayi Chatou in Nigeria

Neba Lawrence, Ayi Chatou in Nigeria

Producer Ayi Chatou Inoua and director Neba Lawrence have been in Lagos for a couple of days now. Mission: They are supervising the editing of the movie they shot in... Read more

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New date, venue for CFI meeting

New date, venue for CFI meeting

There has been a change of the calendar and venue of the up-coming executive committee meeting of the Cameroon Film Industry. Initially billed for Kumba, the meeting venue has been... Read more

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Pink Poison Reloaded in studio

Pink Poison Reloaded in studio

There is rising anxiety as Cameroonian movie fans await the eventual release of Pink Poison Reloaded, recently shot. Reports say the movie is undergoing post-production in a Nigerian film studio.... Read more

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